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Okay, so my band is the one thing I literally enjoy the most in my life. Playing and creating music is my love, my passion, my life. Without music I would be nothing and it has always been there for me no matter what. These guys are the reason why my passion for music will never die and shall remain strong for the rest of my life.

It is difficult to spread the word about us since we only know so many people also the fact that we haven’t had the opportunity to play a show as a full band just yet. So please help us out and spread the word with us! It only takes a few seconds to say something nice and to click that share button. We love everyone who respects us, we love our listeners, followers, and even those fans out there.

Thank you all for supporting your local AZ punk bands!!! Let’s continue to make this scene grow and become one of the largest families ever. We will mosh together, go into circle pits together, and crowdsurf our way into the beauty that is music.

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